Tracey Knight.

Women in work..

My name is Tracey Knight and my job title is Finance Director of SBTV Global Ltd.  I live between Bedfordshire and Atlanta and am married with no children.

My alarm goes off...

I live for perhaps 8 months of the year in Atlanta where I work from home.  Being five hours behind London I wake up around 5am to start work on my laptop.  I don't generally eat breakfast so would have an early lunch at say 11am.  When in London I wake up at 6.30am to be sat on a train at 7.45am so that I am on time to get to our Oxford St offices at 9am.  I normally stop off at Pret on the way to grab some fruit, a salad and some water.

What are you responsible for...

I am the Financial Director for SBTV and Jamal Edwards personally.  I also look after HR and recruiting as well as Legal. I am also heavily involved in the negotiating personal deals for Jamal Edwards.

My role is totally varied, so someone applying for my role would need to have had experience in all of the areas I take care of.  Before Joining SBTV 7 years ago I worked for the Worldwide President of MTV for 8 years, managing his many personal bank accounts in the UK and US, taking care of his tax returns, managing his staff and private jet etc.  I have also worked for the Worldwide CEO of Endemol on the same basis, as well as having worked for record labels, radio and TV so my experience across media and business is fairly far reaching, which is why I am able to work across different areas of SBTV easily.  


 What's the most memorable part of your job 

I have worked at SBTV longer than anyone else except Jamal of course, so that in itself is rewarding as I have been on board from practically the beginning.  To know that SBTV were the ones to discover such names as Ed Sheeran and Jessie J is truly amazing 

Best part of your job 

Worst part of your job 

I don't really find any part of my job boring. I hate having to repeat myself over and over to get things done on occasion but other than that I am lucky enough to have a job that is very varied and different every day, so there is no time for monotony or boredom.  

I love the success of the brand and has been an amazing journey to see something so small grow into a nationally recognised and respected brand.  I am so proud of our achievements.  I guess the best part of my job would be the team I work with.  I am the only female within the business (although I intend to change this in the coming months) and I am also the oldest lol. They are a great bunch of guys and I love them dearly.  

What do you do after work..


Depends which country I am in.  If in Atlanta my working day finishes around 2pm so I would go take a pilates class or run errands before my husband returns from work. Sometimes we stay home, or have dinner with friends or have dinner on our own in one of our favourite restaurants.  

When you work long hours or across different countries it is important to spend as much quality time with your loved ones as possible. It is impossible to have a good balance otherwise.   


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