Lucy Keshinro

The Venus Code re creating an avenue for woman to learn how to network, how to behave and conduct themselves in the corporate world as well as encourage them to take that leap of faith and apply for that role. Don’t limit yourself create your own possibilities.  Your future self will thank you!

Compliance Monitoring Analyst   


Evelyn Adelegan

Scrumptious Crumbles Bakery 

Attending The Venus Code was an unique experience. It was amazing to be surrounding by inspirational  women with diverse businesses. I especially loved the q & a session.  I’m looking forward to the next event. 


Leah Mai

Lifestyle Blogger

I've been to a lot of The Venus Code events and I feel that TVC is about women empowerment and from the events I have attended I have been able to network with women of all ages and professions. I have been able to secure a lot of opportunities from each event. I believe that TVC will continue to grow and continues to reach out to women in order to better their lives and give them new opportunities.


Sarah Aluko

Poet & Author

Working with TVC was refreshing, fun and empowering. TVC created an environment where women can come together, bond and grow.  Challenging each other as opposed to competing with each other. I can’t wait for another TVC event. 


Jennifer Onah

The Venus code offers a sense if community, belonging and encouragement for ladies with a burning desire to succeed, venture and climb the ladder. TVC offers exposure to key contacts that would maybe seem out of reach to many and is able to bring them live and direct to groups of young ladies that can be inspired by the journeys of these individuals stories about embarking on their careers or climbing the ladder within their industry. I would highly recommend every lady attends a TVC breakfast or brunch event. 

Creative Director of Ferona



Shay La Rose

Music Artist & Host

 TVC code is an amazing platform catered to so many different sectors for women! Every event I've attended and been part of has been informative and inspiring, I think every girl should support this movement, I believe it's going to become such a successful brand xo 






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