The Venus Code is a platform to help inspire and encourage women from all walks of life. TVC is a unique initiative connecting likeminded women of different levels to aid them to their desired goal. Life is a journey not a destination as once said by Ralph Emerson. What we took from that is that life is going to have all kinds of twists and turns but the journey is what makes life worth living. In life road blocks are inevitable but it is the tools you use to overcome your hurdles that defines who you are through life's journey.


Personal development is all about the process of achieving and expanding your full potential and understanding that you are your best investment. We encourage women to pursue and chase their dream jobs by uncovering  their skills and talents through practical events and work shops with female pioneers from a variety of career and entrepreneurial background. By attending one of our events, you will be exposed to women in business and careers that can share valuable experiences, knowledge and insight into the tests and testimonials associated with women striving in business or in their careers. We also place a heavy focus on Beauty & Fashion and Finance Management.


TVC are bringing something new to your door step! We don't want to just be talkers but we want to be doers! We are striving to be a leading recruitment group focusing on building a bridge for women into work at every level. We are looking for qualified school leavers, graduates and professionals across a wide range of specialists industries and professionals. We aim to place people into jobs that they love so that it never feels like work.

Meet the Founder

Naomi Olaoye is the founder of The Venus Code.  The idea first came about when she graduated university in 2013 after struggling to make the transition from eduaction into the world of work. 

"There is a lack of programmes that support the gap from eduaction into work which opens up graduates and anyone else leaving a form of instituition subject to making mistakes which you could have been prepared for in hind sight".

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